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Neck pain and headache

Neck pain and whiplash are common injuries and can be complex and affect all aspects of your daily life. Good news is if you treat it early, it generally gets better quickly. Poor posture and accidents are the most common causes of neck pain.

Neck and upper back pain is most commonly felt in those with sedentary jobs, but may also be experienced by athletes who are commonly in one posture such as cyclists or wicket-keepers. It is important to keep the neck moving to prevent the neck from stiffening up. It is a general misunderstanding that one must remain still and rest in bed when there is pain in the neck. That is why it is common for neck pain to be worse first thing in the morning.

Neck pain whiplash injury is a neck sprain caused by the sudden jerking of the head back and forth. The ligaments and muscles that connect the spine are suddenly overstretched and that could lead to severe pain and stiffness. It is common for the symptom to take a few hours or days to develop after an injury. Headache is often exacerbated by whiplash injury.

Early physiotherapy intervention will help you recover quicker and prevent the symptoms from becoming chronic. Physiotherapy treatment may include some manual therapy, exercises and additional advice on what you can do to speed up the recovery.

Your physiotherapist willexplain your injury and what they can do to help you.



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